EMI Pipe Scanning

Due to the pass or fail nature of hydrostatic testing, we offer downhole pipe scanning services to verify that your tubing has the wall thickness necessary to keep your asset producing well into the future. Some oilfield pipe inspection companies rely on outdated technology that only scans a small percentage of the tube. At AHS we pride ourselves on our commitment to using the latest technology to give our customers the best service possible. Our OEM Artis-4 trip tools utilize a proprietary 6-function scanning technology that is second to none. Click here for more information about how testing and scanning can increase your production efficiency.


  • Your well is back on-line faster
  • The Artis-4 is the only “fully Computerized” EMI system operating all functions from the computer keyboard
  • The WELL PROFILE gives the oil producer a great view of future problems by analyzing the individual pipes while the well is out of service
  • Avoid being surprised by early loss of pressure caused by (partially degraded) marginal tubing
  • Two (2) pitting channels specifically designed to locate outside diameter pitting using magnetic flux leakage and inside diameter pitting using Magnetic flux density
  • The ARTIS-4 is the only used tubing inspection device which can inspect water filled pipe or sanded in pipe
  • The ARTIS-4 TTIS can also inspect plastic or cement lined pipe with ease
  • Dramatically reduces transportation costs of replacing all the joints; now you only replace the ones you need
  • Superior pitting detection, far surpassing any EMI system using search coils
  • Data outputs may be immediately printed and saved for later evaluation
  • The WELL PROFILE is presented to the rig operator, Oil Company or other entity immediately after inspection is complete